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"It’s immensely rewarding to know that I am able to capture invaluable moments that people will cherish for a lifetime.”

Virginia’s photography delineates casual over falsely candid. Her sense of capturing the truly sentimental moments without being affected or “staged” is genuine. Her ability to make a subject feel comfortable with not only the process, but the outcome as well, allows for her to create memories that do more than strictly document a child’s growth or the gathering of a family: you get the impression that she is also affected by the outcome.

Virginia became enamored with photography at a young age after discovering a point and shoot camera at her brother’s wedding. After studying photography in high school, she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Since graduating, she has worked for several South Jersey and Philadelphia studios, including Firefly Photography and Suzanne Tenuto. Along with her current portrait work, Virginia has branched out into the design world with inventive skills in lifestlye and catalog photography. 

Using her experience in the field, Virginia aspires to create a portfolio and the overall insight that will propel the memories contained within her images. She also makes some pretty killer Grilled cheese.



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